Nasal Fracture reduction
Nasal Fracture reduction

Nasal fractures are common injuries. They can affect the inside and the outside of the nose, causing problems like changes in the shape of the nose, nasal congestion, and nose bleeds.

Not everyone with a broken nose needs to have treatment. But treatment can be helpful if the fracture leads to a significant change in the shape of the nose or causes problems with nasal obstruction.

The first step in deciding whether treatment is needed is to have an evaluation by a physician or surgeon who focuses on nasal problems and nasal injuries. Based on your symptoms and based on the findings from your exam, the surgeon can help decide if treatment would be helpful. It is helpful to have this type of evaluation soon after your injury.

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Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi Expert in ear and sinus surgery with over 10,000 Surgeries Performed

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