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Myringotomy and Grommet insertion:

Myringotomy & tube insertion is a procedure when a doctor puts a small incision over the eardrum and inserts tiny tubes, known as tympanostomy tubes or grommets, into the eardrum to reduce the occurrence of ear infections and allow drainage of excess fluids. The procedure is very common and poses minimal risks. An ear tube insertion is more common for children, who tend to suffer ear infections more often than adults.


  • Fluid accumulation behind the eardrum/ Serous otitis media
  • Chronic middle ear infections with atelectasis
  • Recurrent Barotrauma

Myringotomy is done under general anesthesia in children and could be done under local anesthesia in adults in the outpatient clinic, and the procedure usually takes ten minutes. The surgeon makes an incision with a small scalpel in the eardrum. The fluid is suctioned out, and a tube is inserted in the hole of the eardrum.

After the procedure, the patient can resume all regular activities within 24 hours. The hearing is regained immediately after the procedure is carried out.

Essential things to do during recovery:

  • Go for regular check-ups to the specialist who will check for appropriate placement and function of the tubes
  • Use the eardrops prescribed by the ENT specialist to help minimize fluid discharge from the ear in case of ear infection
  • Wear earplugs while swimming if advised by the doctor

Consult the specialist immediately if a yellow, brown, or bloody discharge from the ear continues for more than a week or if there is persistent pain, hearing problems, or balance problems.

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Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi is the ENT specialist in Dubai with more than 30 years of Experience practicing in the UAE & USA.

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Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi Expert in ear and sinus surgery with over 10,000 Surgeries Performed

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Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi Expert in ear and sinus surgery with over 10,000 Surgeries Performed

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