How winter affects your nasal allergies

How winter affects your nasal allergies

Winter is harsh on people with nose health issues, especially people with nasal allergies. Many people with seasonal allergies swear that winter treats them extra harshly. So how does winter make your sinus allergies worse?

How Does the Winter Season Affect Your nasal allergies?

Exposure to cold dry Air.

Cold air is undoubtedly a trigger a nasal block and nasal stuffiness. Also triggers the symptoms of your allergy. You can use a humidifier in your room for artificial moisture control. Your mucous membrane will thank you and reward you with reduced congestion.

Nasal Bleed.

This is because inhaling dry air affects your mucous membrane, making it also dry along with irritated. This irritation often leads to inflammation and congestion and can lead to a nasal bleed.

Indoor Allergens

People tend to stay indoors during winter. While this means they are staying away from outdoor allergens, indoor allergens are still a problem, and sometimes, they can be worse than outdoor ones.

This is because molds and dust are common inside the interiors during winter.

How to get rid of winter sinus infection?

The cold dry air in the winter creates problematic situations for those who suffer from nasal allergies. Using a humidifier to add artificial moisture to the air is always a good decision. Although, make sure that you clean your humidifier frequently as it can have mould build too.

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