What To Know About Stapedectomy Surgery?


What To Know About Stapedectomy Surgery?

The auditory system in the human body plays a significant role in processing external stimuli through sound waves. Apart from hearing, the inner ear, which is part of this system, also has a crucial part in maintaining body balance. Hence, it is necessary to take sufficient care of the auditory system to avoid major health issues. This blog talks in detail about stapedectomy, a surgical procedure on the auditory system.

What Is Stapedectomy Surgery, And Who Requires It?

Stapedectomy surgery is a procedure that is performed on patients who suffer hearing loss because of a condition called otosclerosis. This condition affects a portion of the auditory system between the middle and inner ear. A U-shaped bone known as the stapes is situated in this area. The primary function of the stapes is to transmit sound waves from the middle ear to the inner ear.

In otosclerosis, this stapes undergoes damage as it fuses with the bone tissue surrounding it. This causes hearing loss in the patient. Using stapedectomy, the ear surgeon repairs the stapes to ensure that the patient can hear effectively once again.


In stapedectomy surgery, the surgeon repairs the damage on the stapes to fix hearing loss. Here, the stapes is replaced by an artificial device that can effectively transmit sound signals from the middle ear to the inner ear. The procedure usually takes an hour and is done as an inpatient for 1 day stay basis.


After a stapedectomy surgery, the patient is advised to rest for a few days. Then, the surgeon would prescribe medications and generally advise against travelling by air for a while as this puts pressure on the ear. The ear takes four to six weeks to heal completely. Stapedectomy is an effective surgical procedure to treat otosclerosis in patients.

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