Epistaxis – How to Stop Nose Bleeding?


Epistaxis, commonly known as nosebleeds. Nasal bleed happens because of many reasons which leads to an injury to the tiny blood vessels in its lining. About 60% of individuals will experience nosebleed at least once in their lifetime. These nosebleeds are usually minor and stop after 5 to 10 minutes, and typically do not result in significant blood loss for healthy individuals. Children are more prone to nosebleeds mostly due to the nose picking habit.

What are the prime causes of nose bleeding?

Nosebleeds can be caused by various factors. The most common causes in patients are due to direct injury to nose, high blood pressure, dry air or low humidity environments, allergies, nose-picking, excessive nose-blowing, medicine side effects, high altitudes, any bleeding disorders etc. An injury can also led to this condition, but it is generally not a cause for concern unless it persists. For treatment, one can seek help from top-notch ENT specialists.

How to stop nose bleeding?

The first time you get a nosebleed might be scary to you, but it is not something that you should panic about. Here is how you can stop your nosebleed:

  1. Do not tip your head back: When you are experiencing a nosebleed (epistaxis), lean forward slightly to prevent blood from flowing down the throat and causing choking. Breathe through your mouth and remain calm. Tipping your head back can cause the blood to drain into your throat or stomach, leading to discomfort. You should also remain seated upright and breathe through your mouth.
  • Apply Pressure: Gently apply pressure to the soft front of your nose. It is critical because blood vessels are located near the soft area of the nose. Applying pressure will aid in the compression of the blood vessels.

While a minor nosebleed stops on its own, but if you experience prolonged or recurrent epistaxis, you should contact an ENT specialist. If you are in Dubai, you should visit Dr. Tarabichi to get your epistaxis treated. Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi is a board-certified ENT doctor that leverages the latest tools and technologies to treat his patients.

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