5 Reasons Why You May Be Suffering From Sinusitis

5 Reasons Why You May Be Suffering From Sinusitis

There’s always this time of the year when the weather is unfavourable, and everyone seems to be catching a cold. If you’re going through the same, you may wonder what could be causing your sinusitis.

Here are five potential reasons Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi, an ENT doctor in Dubai, has diagnosed people for:

  1. Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies? Frequent allergy attacks might develop into sinusitis. Constant irritation in the nose because of allergens could make your nose inflamed and blocked. This ends up making it difficult for your sinuses to drain properly.

  1. Common cold

If you have caught a cold, the virus can cause your sinuses to become inflamed and blocked, eventually leading to sinusitis.

  1. Deviated Septum

The septum is the bony-cartilaginous partition that separates your nostrils, and in some cases, this is not straight. Severe deviated septum might block the sinuses, causing issues like difficulty in proper ventilation and drainage of the sinuses and eventually leading to sinusitis.

  1.  Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are soft growths that form in your sinuses. Although they are non-cancerous, they can block the nasal passages, eventually leading to sinusitis.

  1. Cigarettes

Do you smoke? Various environmental factors like smoke or dry air are known to contribute to sinusitis, and if you smoke, there are high chances it affects your sinusitis.

Sinusitis Treatment

The treatment of sinusitis varies depending on the cause. Get the correct diagnosis and take the right medication to treat it. You should consult an ENT specialist, visit Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi, who is talked about as The Best ENT in Dubai.

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