What is endoscopic ear surgery, and what conditions does it treat?

What is Endoscopic Ear Surgery, and what conditions does it treat

Transcanal endoscopic ear surgery (TEES) is a procedure in which a surgeon views the middle ear through a tiny tube inserted into the ear canal. The thin tube equipped with a light and a camera at the tip is termed as endoscope and is utilized for the procedure TEES.

Some of the ear conditions that can be treated by a TEES are listed below:

  • Eardrum Perforation– you may be having a hole in your ear drum due to a previous ear infection or trauma. This can cause repeated ear infection, ear discharge, hearing loss, dizziness etc. causing a hassle in your day-to-day life. We can repair it through an endoscopic ear surgery without giving any visible scar behind the ear.
  • Ossicular chain Reconstruction- when you have a hearing loss due to a damage to the small bones inside your ear (ossicular disruption).
  • Otosclerosis– A disease condition causing fixation of the small bone(stapes) inside your ear, causing a hearing loss.
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction– when you have a eustachian tube obstructed causing fluid collection in ear, ear block and ear pain during flight travel, deep sea diving, or at high altitude mountains etc.
  • Middle ear effusion – fluid collection inside the middle ear in children and adults can be cleared by placing a small tube inside the ear drum for aeration and drainage.

Being a minimal access surgery through the ear canal, it ensures a good QOL for the patient immediately after the surgery. The procedure has been actively gaining favor for the various benefits it offers like the no incision or hidden incision, less pain, faster recovery, better visibility, and access for the surgeon.

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